How AT&T rose to the top of the list in disaster recovery operations

Synopsis: Following a state-by-state business continuity survey that revealed a broad range of disaster preparedness, AT&T became the go-to leader for disaster recovery operations. 

AT&T launched a national business continuity service in the mid-2000s. In order to capture market share amidst fast-growing demand for these services, we created a thought leadership campaign to position AT&T not just as leaders in the technology of preparedness and disaster recovery, but also in relevant best practices for the private sector. Through a partnership with the nonprofit Partnership for Public Warning, we launched a state-by-state survey of CIOs in medium-to-large businesses to determine their level of awareness about preparedness, the steps they had taken, and to what extent their top management was engaged in business continuity. We issued reports to the Offices of Emergency Management nationwide to highlight the level of preparedness of businesses in their states, and featured their responses in regional business publications. Once we analyzed all the data, we turned the story into a major national thought leadership campaign. When Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, AT&T was at the top of the list of companies called upon for post-disaster recovery operations.