Homewatch CareGivers

Breaking new ground by breaking down stereotypes

Synopsis: Identifying an opportunity in the home care market, Spector and Homewatch CareGivers launched a first-of-its-kind marketing plan that targeted male caregivers, providing them with specialized support materials and an online forum.

In 2012, Homewatch CareGivers, a top-10 home care franchise company that lacked name recognition, asked Spector & Associates to create a campaign that would position the company as a leader within the increasingly competitive home care industry.

In order to identify high-potential growth areas within this sector, Spector conducted in-depth market analysis, taking into consideration competitor positioning, demographic data as well as policy and economic trends.

We discovered that the entire home care industry was ignoring its fastest growing segment of potential clients — male family caregivers. By understanding the unique needs of this underserved population, Homewatch CareGivers would appeal to an entirely new market, while also creating a powerful thought leadership platform for press outreach.

Over the course of our research, we uncovered data, forecasts and insights that, when tied to demographic, societal and economic trends, generated enormous media interest. To position Homewatch CareGivers as the go-to source of information about “men as caregivers,” Spector created an educational media campaign around the unique stressors men face at home, at work and within their social circles.

To show Homewatch CareGivers’ commitment to the needs of male caregivers, we developed and managed a first-of-its-kind online community that provided men with support and advice from peers in a secure, anonymous environment and gave them easy access to informational resources specially adapted to their needs. A training program for franchise owners was also created to help them better serve male family caregivers, who currently comprise nearly half of home care decision makers.

The issue and online community for male caregivers has received significant coverage in top-tier media, such as USA TodayThe Wall Street Journal, and The Huffington Post, as well as health care trades like Case in Point and CARING. The Male Family Caregiver program also won the Case in Point Award for best Long Term Care program. More importantly, franchisees reported a measurable increase in home care inquiries from men in the first year of the program.