For more than a decade, Spector has worked to position a variety of companies as technology leaders and advocates for legislative reform in the alternative energy sector. Spanning the spectrum of the renewable energies market, including solar, wind and biofuels, the Spector team has created thought leadership platforms, at once creative and effective.


Spector & Associates has worked in the defense sector for more than 15 years. Over that period, the agency has represented a range of corporations, from telecommunications, cybersecurity, and data networking, to force protection, avionics and electronic warfare. Our work has given us a deep and unique insight into the government contracting process, enabling us to understand the sensitivities involved in the process and leverage our knowledge to best support your business objectives.

Health Care

Educating Americans about advances in neurosurgery, building an understanding for the biology of Alzheimer’s and training general practitioners how to spot teen depression are among our achievements for clients involved in the life sciences. We have worked on behalf of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, national health care organizations as well as professional medical associations to explain important advances in medical research, educate physicians about new trends in public health, and translate scientific issues into language that is most meaningful to the public.


Our team has represented some of the world’s largest financial services companies — from investment banks, mutual funds, and insurance companies, to commercial banks, accounting firms and stock exchanges.  We have launched new investment products, marketed new consultancy services, and helped reinvigorate the identity of century-old institutions.