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Internal Communications

We collaborate closely with all levels of leadership, business units and HR to create and implement global programs designed to enhance employee engagement and build an outstanding corporate culture, rooted in trust and transparency.


We believe in building a "two-way street" of information, ensuring that messages flow, not only from leadership on down, but, when conditions warrant, through bottom up channels as well. This enables management to better understand employee concerns, get alerted to potential problems and work to build an environment that enhances employee morale and boosts productivity. 


Thanks to our technical fluency, we work directly with your engineers, scientists and marketers to identify news stories and develop content that both educates, engages and motivates employees. And thanks to our multilingual team, we are able to develop content with local interest.


Methods of message delivery vary according to need and timeframe, and include the following: 

  • employee recognition programs 

  • webcasts

  • e-blasts/emails

  • newsletters

  • magazines 

  • town halls  

  • intranet 

  • all-hands meetings

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