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Barry Spector 

Barry has held many titles during his years with Spector PR. He is a conglomeration of chief creative, chief financial, chief operations, chief human resources, chief contracts, chief compliance...the word chief is starting to sound strange to you right now, isn’t it?


Spector is an accomplished illustrator and photographer. His portrait of Edward Bernays was published in the New York Times’ first "Lives They Lived" issue in 1995. His photo credit was in 6-point type, but to him it was taller than the Hollywood sign in LA.


Prior to co-founding Spector in 1991, Barry had been a creative director at an ad agency and earlier an art director at Avon Products. At Forbes, he worked on a team that revamped their weekly magazine’s design format. He later introduced computer production to Della Femina McNamee Advertising to streamline its massive production operation.


In 1997, he co-founded the Museum of Public Relations with his wife and business partner, Shelley Spector, and continues to serve on its board.


Barry holds a BFA from Pratt Institute in communications.

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