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ITT team based in Weinstadt, Germany

ITT Interconnect Solutions

Seeking to highlight their next-generation, ultra-fast electric vehicle charging solution in the automotive industry, offering unparalleled charging speeds at that point, Spector developed a multi-channel product launch campaign around eCarTec, the world’s largest business-to-business trade show for electric & hybrid mobility in Munich, Germany.


ITT Interconnect Solutions is a leading global manufacturer of connector products serving international customers in the aerospace and defense, medical, energy, transportation and industrial end markets. Pioneering in the field of electric vehicle charging solutions, ITT developed an electric vehicle charging solution that would provide unparalleled charging speeds, understanding that lengthy charging times are one of the main obstacles to widespread adoption of electric cars.


ITT’s cooled, ultra-fast DC charging system dramatically cut the time that vehicles needed to be plugged, delivering the charge required for 60 miles/100km within 3 to 5 minutes. Charging speed that had the potential to give ITT’s customers a unique advantage over their competitors.


Understanding that ITT’s primary audience would be automotive engineers and decision makers working with the world’s biggest car manufacturers, Spector developed and executed a multi-channel strategy that reached the right audience with an appropriate message:

  • Product launch: The charging solution was launched at eCarTec, the world’s largest business-to-business trade show for electric & hybrid mobility in Munich, Germany, allowing ITT to showcase its exciting technology before industry leaders from all over the world.

  • Article in eMove360°: To generate interest and drive traffic to ITT’s booth at eCarTec, we authored a technical piece in German and English language for the trade show’s quarterly-distributed publication eMove360°

  • Press release: Utilizing this traditional distribution channel, we complemented our media outreach, making sure the message would reach the right media outlets and corresponding audiences. Besides distributing the release on the wire, we contacted essential trade publications in both English and German language.


In our messaging, we highlighted the technical specifications of ITT’s charging solution, delivering test amperages of 400A at 1000V, which was over four times faster than competing solutions at that time.  

As a result, ITT garnered widespread media attention with coverage from trade publications, such as CHARGED Electric Vehicles Magazine (multi-page interview in the print & online edition), Green Car Congress, EE Times Europe EV, and Electronic Product Design & Test.


Most importantly, ITT received inquiries from leading global OEMs, such as Volkswagen (Audi, Porsche) and Toyota.


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