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Logos Technologies

Amplifying a message of innovation above much larger competitors
Spector & Associates developed a comprehensive B2B campaign that highlighted the defense and energy company’s next generation surveillance, biofuels, cybersecurity and military vehicle products. Spector positioned Logos as a technological pioneer, with top trade and general interest media like Aviation Week, Defense News, CNN, Popular Science and The Wall Street Journal covering the company.


Pioneers in the field of wide area military surveillance, Logos Technologies’ increasingly diverse portfolio posed a challenge to brand identity and cohesiveness. While well respected by those familiar with the company’s work on lifesaving airborne sensors, as it looked to grow its business in other markets, mid-sized Logos was rapidly being overshadowed in the media by the work of multibillion dollar rivals with multimillion dollar PR budgets.

Logos Technologies needed to better communicate its story to military program offices, large defense contractors and other key stakeholders. Logos Technologies selected Spector & Associates to initiate a business-to-business integrated communications campaign to raise the company’s profile by leveraging its work with next-generation surveillance systems, biofuels, big data exploitation, cybersecurity and even the launch of a rugged electric motorcycle designed for Special Forces.

Operating with a limited PR budget, Spector & Associates secured positive, wide-ranging coverage for Logos Technologies in key media outlets. The company and its defense/homeland security solutions were featured in publications including Aviation Week, Defense News and Jane’s Defence Weekly, WIRED, Congressional Quarterly, The Arizona Republic, Popular Science, CNN, Fox News, Business Insider and The Wall Street Journal.

Beyond the media, we also organized briefings on company solutions for D.C. opinion leaders, defense industry analysts, institutional investors and prime contractors. These engagements not only highlighted particular sensors or mission sets (e.g., using proven, already paid-for defense systems to safeguard the U.S.-Mexico border); they also positioned the company as a technological pioneer, leading the rest of the industry to future persistent surveillance technology.

Complementing these two major PR thrusts, Spector & Associates helped Logos Technologies secure industry honors, find op-ed opportunities for top executives and craft trade show collateral that highlighted the company’s key technologies and spoke directly to target markets.

Ultimately, the campaign boosted the stature of Logos Technologies, leading to a surge in Google searches and in greater traffic at company trade show appearances. The combined results of the campaign also led to Logos Technologies seeing an increase in contract awards and business inquiries.


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