An independent public relations agency specializing in technology, financial services, defense and healthcare since 1991

Spector & Associates has worked with some of the world's largest corporations, from defense contractors and industrial manufacturers to technology start-ups and telecom providers.Our approach to corporate public relations has produced dozens of industry awards, including Silver Anvils, PR Week and SABRE, for clients such as AT&T, Bayer, HP, NCR and Philips. Since 1991.

What you can expect from Spector

Whether your company is ramping up its business development efforts, or needs to enhance its support for contract acquisition, launch new products or penetrate new markets, you can rely on us to translate even the most technical subject into clear and newsworthy terms. By thoroughly understanding the complexities of the sectors we support, our team is able to provide you insightful, high-level strategic counsel based on real-world experience and comprehensive research.

A critical part of that effort might be to create innovative thought leadership programs to enhance your reputation within industry, government, and the investment public. We pre-empt and create trends so you own the issue, using your position of strength to control the debate and inspire action with a consistent and resonant narrative.

Our in-house development, design, copy and speechwriting capabilities and intricate knowledge of the media are among the tools in our war chest to help you realize the most ambitious or subtlest of messages.

Improving employee engagement, especially during times of restructuring, is another reason clients choose Spector. We build platforms that enable collaboration across business segments, build support for management policies, boost involvement in corporate activities, and encourage employees to become better ambassadors for the organization. 

Whatever you’re going through as a company — growth, competition, culture change, regulatory pressures — choose the team who’ll know your business like insiders, and harness the experience of a quarter century.

Make news                Engage customers               Drive action.